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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQs to find prompt responses to the common questions we often receive.

do i need to install software?

Our web application runs entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for downloads or Chrome extensions. Simply register an account with us, and you'll be promptly directed to your control panel.

is it required to have a paid linkedin account to use perfectProscpect?

Although having Sales Navigator is strongly advised as it allows you to send more daily requests and messages plus create more targeted campaigns, PerfectProspect can still be utilized with a free or basic LinkedIn account.

do i need to keep my browser open for perfectProspect to keep running?

No, you don't, which is a major benefit of our LinkedIn automation tool. This software operates in the background, carrying out tasks using your local IP address to mimic your activity on LinkedIn. As a result, after setting up and initiating a campaign in PerfectProspect, you can shut down your browser and even turn off your PC, and the software will continue to function on your behalf.

Can i use & browse linkedin while PerfectProspect is running?

It is advisable to limit or completely avoid using your LinkedIn account once it's linked to PerfectProspect. Specifically, manual sign-ins and activities on your LinkedIn account during PerfectProspects active hours are not recommended. This is because concurrent logins might be perceived as unusual and could potentially be flagged as suspicious activity by Linkedin.

do i need a paid linkedin account to use PerfectProspect?

Although having a Sales Navigator is strongly advised, Dripify can also be utilized with a free LinkedIn account.

how many connection requests & messages can i send a day with linkedin automation?

The number of connection requests and messages you can send per day on LinkedIn varies based on several factors, including your account type and your existing activity and behavior on the platform. Here are some general guidelines;

Free Accounts: LinkedIn imposes stricter limits on free accounts to prevent spamming. Typically, you might be able to send around 15-25 connection requests per day. However, this can vary based on your account's history and behavior.

Premium Accounts: If you have a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account, you are allowed to send more connection requests daily 30-50. Premium accounts generally have higher trust on the platform, allowing for more activity.

Messaging: For InMail messages (available to Premium users), the number you can send per month is based on your subscription plan. For regular messages to your connections, there isn't a specific limit, but LinkedIn monitors for spam-like behavior.

what do i do if linkedin sends me an unusual activity message/ Restriction warning?

LinkedIn's algorithm monitors user behavior. If it detects unusual activity, like a sudden spike in connection requests or messages, it may temporarily restrict your ability to send more, regardless of your account type. If you get a warning message regarding restrictions, stop using linkedin automation for about a week then slowly start the sequences back up again from 5 per day back up to your limits based on your linkedin account type.

how do i make sure the system wont send the same message twice to the same person?

With PerfectProspect there's no need to be concerned about this issue. The software is engineered to automatically skip a user if it encounters the scenario described, thereby avoiding the sending of duplicate messages.

What are your activity controls that keep my linkedin safe?

Our advanced safety feature & activity controls, monitor your LinkedIn performance and ensures that your account remains safe from being flagged by LinkedIn's monitoring system. This sophisticated algorithm considers various factors, such as your past activity on LinkedIn and your number of connections and the rate at which messages and connection requests are sent. Allowing for a steady increase in your LinkedIn performance and safe usage by regulating your daily limits for connections and messaging, these controls can be found under the settings tab to adjust your daily limits.

Do you have a partner or affiliate programme?

Yes we do! We offer 25% ongoing fee payments to our partners and affiliates. Please contact us by dropping us a message in the chat box in the corner of the screen to let us know you would like to become a partner/affiliate.